Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Contribute to Mitch's Democratic Challenger Today!

Afraid we don't have an actual name for you yet, but we do have an official Campaign Fund that will go to whoever wins the Democratic Primary May 20.

As Media Czech at BlueGrassRoots puts it:

Hey folks, are you ready to Ditch Mitch? Are you ready to get rid of his corporate cash funded brand of politics? Do you want to kick out the man who would rather obstruct popular legislation than move our country forward in a new direction? Do you want to help end his pay-for-play conduct that puts his contributors above his KY constituents?

Well, it's going to require $$$$. And Mitch is sitting on one hell of a lot of it. But that doesn't make him invulnerable, as his disapprovals have eclipsed his approvals for the first time.

We at BlueGrassRoots are making another call to pony up whatever you can to our ActBlue page for Mitch's eventual challenger on the Democratic side of the aisle. No matter whether your favored horse in the race is Crit, Greg, Andrew, or some random rich guy, this will go to the Democrat who wins the primary.

As for who will be running in that primary, this Christmas Present to the Nation is labeled "Do Not Open Until January 29."

That's the deadline for filing as a candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's increasingly shaky seat.

By then, there should be at least two top-tier Democrats in the race, in addition to the Novice (Louisville pain doctor Michael Cassaro) and the Joke (perennial candidate and nominal Democrat David L. Williams) who have already announced.
(Find out who after the jump.)

Playing hard-to-get are State Auditor Crit Luallen, scandal-plagued State Attorney General Greg Stumbo, and Iraq combat veteran Lt. Col. Andrew Horne.

Crit is playing footsie with Chuck Schumer, Horne is waiting on Crit, as he's unlikely to challenge her if she runs, and Stumbo is raising money for polls that don't mean what he thinks they mean.

Page One Kentucky has a superb run-down of the pros and cons for each potential candidate, and makes an eloquent plea for the ditherers to get off the pot:

The time has come for potential Democratic candidates for the United States Senate to jump in the race. It’s now or never. An entire month has been wasted by the numerous potentials as they waffle back and forth.

Full disclosure: I'm an Andrew Horne fan. I agree completely with this analysis of why Horne is the best candidate.

I love Crit and think she would have been a fabulous governor and would be a great Senator, but her decision last year to sit out the Governor's race against a fatally wounded incumbent tells me she's not really interested in higher office. She's also way too smart to think she can overcome the bad will she'd create announcing a run for Senate two months after winning re-election to another four-year term as Auditor.

Greg Stumbo squandered his reputation for political smarts and his status as a hero for investigating ousted repug governor Ernie Fletcher by hitching his star to Democratic Traitor Bruce Lunsford in the gubernatorial primary. I think Stumbo is by far the weakest of the top-tier Democrats.

Page One mentions other possible candidates, and provides more objective analysis.
I'll predict right now the Democratic challenger to Mitch McConnell is going to be either Andrew Horne or Greg Stumbo. Either one will draw substantial national support.

But you don't have to wait! Get in on the Biggest Non-Presidential Race of 2008 now. Grab a good seat on the soon-to-be-crowded bandwagon. Contribute to Mitch's Democratic Challenger today.

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