Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Chance to Poke Mitch in the Eye with a Stick


Today is the last day of the fundraising quarter, and your last chance in 2007 to smack Mitch McConnell upside the head with a campaign contribution to Mitch Killer Andrew Horne.

As MediaCzech at BlueGrassRoots puts it:

"Give now and make sure we keep up with the Obstructionist-in-Chief and his corporate bribe war chest.

Let's Ditch Mitch!"

UPDATE, 7:40 a.m.:Page One Kentucky notes that Mitch's fundraising is taking on a note of shrill. They quote WaPo:

McConnell sent his supporters a just-before-Christmas e-mail practically begging for campaign cash so he can take on the outta-staters who’ve put a political bull’s-eye on his back.

Too funny, if Mitch really thinks his big problem is outta-staters. That's right, Mitchie, keep your sights focused on has-beens like Carville and Schumer. Meanwhile, back here in Kentucky (remember Kentucky? the state you claim to represent?), Andrew Horne is eating your lunch.

Cross-posted at Blue in the Bluegrass.