Thursday, December 13, 2007

Likely Mitch Opponents to Meet Friday

Ryan Alessi reports that Andrew Horne and Greg Fischer will meet Friday to discuss the race to unseat Mitch McConnell.

Two potential Democratic U.S. Senate candidates, Andrew Horne and Greg Fischer, are scheduled to have coffee Friday morning to discuss their respective intentions about entering the race, Horne confirmed tonight.

Horne said in an interview with the Herald-Leader Monday that he was hoping to sit down with Fischer this week to gauge his interest in the race. Horne, a Louisville lawyer and Iraq war veteran, said he met Fischer, who runs a stadium seating company in Louisville, earlier this fall and bumped into him at Gov. Steve Beshear's inauguration at the Capitol Tuesday.

Horne said his decision about whether to leap into the race against Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell isn't contingent on what Fischer does or how Friday's meeting goes.

"I’m going to make a decision soon," Horne said, adding that he and his wife need to finish weighing all the consequences. "Making a decision and announcing are two different things. But we’re pretty close."

Horne declined to say whether he's leaning toward making the run.

For a hint as to who is going to emerge from that meeting the likely nominee, here's Media Czech's observation of Fischer at the Metro Dem holiday party last night:

I spoke with Greg Fischer briefly. I asked him about Iraq, and he started giving an answer about how he'd like to see us leave as soon as possible. It kind of ended abruptly when Schlechter pulled a recorder out. He didn't seem too fond of expanding on policy on tape. Ted hounded him until he made some type of statement about himself on tape. I assume he has it up on the Bridge now. I was going to ask him why he donated to Anne Northrup and how many other Republicans he's donated to. But I already know the answer to that and had no bourbon, so I didn't bother.

Compare that to Horne's outspoken opposition to the war, including as a national spokesperson for Iraq veterans and the Democratic Party.

Not being a veteran myself, far be it from me to suggest that non-veterans are not qualified to run for public office.

Don't know much about the military, but I do know this much, which I offer to Fischer gratis:

Do not fuck with the Marines.

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