Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lois Davidson Tells Story Mike Huckabee Doesn't Wan't You To Hear

This is the hottest video on the Internet. It is truly viral.

The folks over at TPM are working hard to find out who produced it. It is very well done and the mother of Carol Sue Shields participated. I can't place it for sure but the voice talent sounds familiar. It is possible that it was filmed right around here in Western Missouri. Could this be the work of our local Karl Rove wannabe Jeff Roe? Who is Jeff working for up in Iowa? Hummmm.

Strannix and DocLarry do you know anything about this video?


An Arkansas Republican, Keith Emis, takes responsibility. (And there wasn't a deep secret. He's encouraged the mother to tell reporters who did the piece and his phone number appears on the registration for the website set up to carry the video.) Here's his e-mail to me:

Hello. This is Keith Emis. I organized the production of the attached video. Below is a statement regarding Mike Huckabee, Lois Davidson and Carol Sue Shields.

I saw Mrs. Davidson on CBS News last week talking about how Wayne Dumond murdered her daughter Carol Sue Shields. Shields was murdered because Mike Huckabee began pushing for Dumond's freedom when he became governor. Dumond was eventually released.

There is no doubt Mrs. Davidson has a powerful story to tell, but I wasn't sure she had an outlet to share it. I agreed with her that Mike Huckabee has no business being president.

I have always been a behind the scenes guy in Arkansas politics, working for Fay Boozman in 1998 and Senator Tim Hutchinson in 2002, so being out front on anything political is highly unusual for me, but this is different.

I contacted Mrs. Davidson and asked her if she would be willing to speak on camera about her daughter, her daughter's murderer, and the man who helped win his freedom. I got a camera crew to go with me to Missouri to Mrs. Davidson's home. We filmed a very kind lady who shouldn't have lost her daughter.

Mrs. Davidson's story is important. It's one that anyone voting in the Republican primaries should hear.


Keith W. Emis
Emis claims he isn't working for anybody. I wonder? Emis really took a camera crew north through the worst ice storm of the winter to film Mrs. Davidson because her story made him sad? What a guy. What a film crew.