Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitch's Nemesis Snags First Endorsement

This morning's press release from Kentucky's leading progressive organization:

Democracy for America's Kentucky Organization Endorses Andrew Horne For U.S. Senate

Grassroots Organizers Believe Horne Offers Genuine Leadership and Positive Change for Kentucky

Louisville - On Friday, December 21, the leadership of Change for Kentucky (CFK), a group of progressive grassroots Kentuckians affiliated with the national organization Democracy for America, announced a pre-filing deadline endorsement of Andrew Horne for U.S. Senate.

CFK members feel that of the confirmed or rumored candidates, Horne offers the most trustworthy, competent and genuine leadership, and should be nominated to challenge Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

"Mitch McConnell has consistently blocked or voted against legislation that would help Kentuckians, like the children’s health insurance program (SCHIP). McConnell has also continually carried George Bush’s water in Iraq. As an Iraq War veteran, Lt. Col. Horne has the most compelling reason to take a stand against McConnell," said Tracey Heflin of Mason County.

"Andrew Horne is exactly the kind of candidate that CFK was founded to support - he believes in the principles of fiscal responsibility, social progress, and grassroots citizen involvement in the political process," said Dan Shumer of Fayette County, CFK's PAC chairperson.

Horne has some history with CFK. He was endorsed by CFK's Louisville chapter in 2006 during the third congressional district primary, and when his bid was unsuccessful, he quickly urged CFK members to support John Yarmuth, who went on to defeat Northup.

CFK encourages voters to learn more about Andrew Horne by examining his campaign website and his archived congressional campaign website. (Voters can also find good information about Horne here.)

"Change for Kentucky members from across the Commonwealth believe that Andrew Horne is the best candidate for U.S. Senate," said Mike Bailey, a group organizer from Louisville. "We know that he will work hard every day, that he will take his job and his responsibility seriously, and that he will be an effective, positive change agent for Kentucky and our nation."

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Change for Kentucky is the organization created in February 2004 by Kentucky for Dean after Howard lost the New Hampshire primary. Its goal is to elect progressive candidates, its mission to take back Kentucky and the Kentucky Democratic Party from the repugs and DINOs who thought they owned it.

Though few in number, CFK members have proven themselves through hard, thankless, on-the-ground work for local Democratic candidates in Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky. Progressive candidates compete for CFK's endorsement and the dedicated volunteers who come with it.

CFK's biggest triumph came this summer, when its co-founder, Jeremy Horton, was named Chief of Staff of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

Just months earlier, the state party's Old Guard had been condemning CFK as a bunch of radical Deaniacs. Round One to the Dirty Fucking Hippies.

As the Kentucky arm of Democracy for America, of course, CFK's endorsement also comes with the strong probability of endorsement from DFA national, and all of its publicity and fund-raising prowess.

Word is that several big union endorsements of Horne are coming this weekend.

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