Monday, December 17, 2007 A Must See Website

It isn't often that we at Watching Those We Chose recommend a new website, but this month there is one that should be mandatory viewing for the Predatory Lending Congressional Delegation that brought us the Bankruptcy Reform Act and all the legislation supporting the modern loan sharking industry. I strongly urge all of you to visit the Predatory Lending Association website. You could dismiss it as being a parody of the Community Fiancial Services Association Of America's website, but it is so much more. Topics like "How to Encourage Senior Citizens To Use Payday Loans For Their Prescription Drug Co-Pays" will give you a feeling for what I face every day. Remember

The Predatory Lending Association (PLA) is dedicated to extracting maximum profit from the working poor by increasing payday loan fees and debt traps. The working poor are an exciting, fast growing demographic that includes: military personnel, minorities, and most of the middle class.
If you think I am just a little upset, you would be right. I just returned from Bankruptcy Court. My clients are going to lose their home. Fortunately they will be moving out be a month after Christmas. CountryWide is going to end up with another property they can't move.