Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stop the media hulk

Gadfly alerted us earlier that the FCC voted 3-2 to allow Big Media to hulk into Ginormous Media by relaxing the rules that limit broadcast ownership of newspapers in America's top 20 markets.

In response to the FCC vote, StopBigMedia.com posted an Open Letter to Congress:

Subject: FCC Votes for Big Media: Throw the Rules Out
Dear Members of Congress,
We write to you today to ask you to act swiftly to overturn the FCC's Dec. 18 vote to relax media ownership rules.
We have spoken out against media consolidation in every way we know how: attending hearings, writing letters, submitting comments. However, on Dec. 18, the FCC ignored this widespread public opposition -- just like it did in 2003. The FCC has turned its back on its mission and its mandate. Their decision to let Big Media get even bigger will erode localism, diminish minority ownership, and decrease competition.
Please take action now to introduce a Resolution of Disapproval and overturn the FCC's reckless action.
[Your name]
[Your address]
The goal is 100,000 signatures. At this time, they have gathered approximately 9,500 signatures. Take action by signing here.

Today, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) issued an ultimatum to FCC Chairman Martin.

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We're not gonna take it. Last week, Kerry and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) wrote Martin (with emphasis):
We believe that moving forward with this change will have a direct and detrimental impact on the state of media diversity. Should you decide to move forward with this vote against the expressed bipartisan, bicameral intent of Congress, we will approach Appropriations Committee Chairman Byrd with a request that funds be denied for the implementation of this rule.
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) penned a letter signed by Kerry and 25 other senators that notified Martin the fight has just begun (with emphasis):
With this in mind we are writing to notify you that if you proceed to take final action on this rule on December 18th without having given a reasonable opportunity for comment on the actual rules and study the related issues, we will immediately move legislation that will revoke and nullify the proposed rule. We are notifying you and others of this proposed action in order to make certain you understand the consequences of ignoring the need for and the right of the American people to play a constructive role in attempts by a federal agency to change rules that have a substantial impact on the American people.
In light of this, we request and expect that you will postpone the action scheduled for December 18, 2007.
Essentially, Chairman Martin and his Repub cohorts told the senators and public opposition to go Cheney themselves with today's FCC vote. So the rumble is on.

UPDATE: Fixed Obama' s party and state identification but you knew it already, didn't you?

Also, of special note, our friends at FressPress.net have compiled a chart based on 2006 revenues of what corporate conglomerates control media by radio, TV, publishing and newspapers, Internet, etc.