Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Shorts

Steve Benen offers a splendid day-by-day breakout of Rudy Giuliani's Worst. Week. Ever. Alas, even the magical wand of the Tax Fairy couldn't ameliorate Il Douche's woes because there is no such hocus pocus, a fact that informed adults already know.

Harvard University published a new study: "Nearly two-thirds of Americans do not trust press coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign... four out of five people believe coverage focuses too much on the trivial -- and more than 60% believe coverage is politically biased." What's that say about journalistic integrity and the Beltway intelligentsia?

With all the talk about the military success of the Surge™, the lack of political progress becomes more apparent and oil divides Iraq even more. Remarkably, the Bush WH didn't deny that the military outpaced the political gains in Iraq.

Tragically, the suicide rate of returning Iraq war vets is "four times as high as the general population." Unsurprisingly, "Bush's Department of Veterans Affairs lied" about the "epidemic of suicides among returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans."

Presidential contender Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico took congressional Democrats and a few of the Democratic WH hopefuls to the woodshed. Good for you, Big Bill.

And in a sick display of utter wingnuttery, when Hillary Clinton's NH campaign office in Rochester was assailed by a hostage-taking mental case, Michelle Malkin's rightwing nutjobs came out to laugh it up. How insane is that? Certifiably wacky.

Now it's almost time for the Sunday funnies and I've got to git 'cause Lil' Tim and The Villagers can bust your guts making you roar with laughter at the stuff they think is smart.

[The end. But y'all come back. Chow!]