Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another day ends

2008 Campaign: A presidential "mash-up" of all the candidates by Walter Shapiro. Who can beat whom?

Off message, off key: "This is how the conservative movement wins even when it loses. ...Democratic candidates... keep repeating their propaganda for them... ...Between pushing Reagan myths and repeating Bush's anti-tax message, the big winner this week in the Democratic primary is Grover Norquist..." Digby.

Rick Perlstein weighs in on "cuddly" conservatives and Ronnie's legacy: "Reagan really did almost blow the world up."

Case dismissed: "A federal judge has just dismissed the Nevada caucus case, ruling that the at-large casino caucuses can go forward." Will it help Obama? McJoan

Middle-class squeeze: Did you know that Americans love to work long hours? Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) thinks so. Someone send her to Kool-Aid rehab, please!

Kaboom! Iraq, Afghanistan: In Iraq, 5x more airstrikes in 2007 than 2006. UNAMI estimates -- 200+ civilian deaths from April to December 2007. In Afghanistan, 2x more airstrikes in 2007 than 2006. Civilian deaths tripled to 300+. Winning hearts and minds...

More on Iraq: Blows my mind! According to top U.S. military -- Dubik, Odierno, Kimmit -- "...Iraq's security forces will probably require U.S. military support for as long as a decade." Tomorrow's WaPo.

Culture shock: A new tactic of the anti-abortion movement -- pitiful males -- and a new disease, "Post-Abortion Syndrome... for men." Blue Girl had something to say about it, too.

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