Thursday, January 31, 2008

At the end of the day

Clinton & Obama -- The Democratic debate in CA liveblogged at FDL here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and the final thread here.

The Democratic debate transcript from CNN.

Fact check of the GOP debate from CA: "Romney commits multiple distortions in the last scheduled GOP debate. Others stumble, too."

Barack attack -- "Republican researchers are poring over the Illinois Democrat’s three-year Senate voting record, looking for fresh fodder to be used should Obama become the Democratic Party’s nominee." Via The Hill.

Caning McCain -- "Poor Hugh Hewitt and the rest of right wing talk radio. They are very upset by McCain and are trying to torpedo his candidacy." John Amato

"No Answers, No Deputy" -- "Senate Democrats plan to delay a floor vote on President Bush’s nominee [Mark Filip] for the No. 2 post at the Justice Department until the department responds to several Judiciary Committee oversight letters."

Senate Democrats held up on the economic stimulus package until next week awaiting the return of Clinton and Obama. At the NYT, Herszenhorn wrote that Senate Repubs "blocked a $157 billion economic stimulus package championed by Senate Democrats, who said they would have no choice but to quickly adopt a cheaper, more streamlined plan approved earlier this week by the House." And about that "surrender flag" you mentioned in your article, Mr. Herszenhorn. Maybe you can deliver it to Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., for hiring Bill Kristol.

Al Qaeda leader killed -- Yet another No. 3? How many are there? Read Steve Benen.

A new GAO report on veterans with TBI -- traumatic brain injury -- was posted by Pale Rider at Blue Girl's place. Intel Dump offered a TBI-PTSD study of Iraqi vets from the New England Journal of Medicine.

"U.S. casualties rise in Iraq after falling for 4 months."

Iraq -- "Terrorists aren't Mosul's only problem. The city's Sunni and Shiite Muslim Arabs detest each other, and the Arabs distrust the city's Kurdish, Christian and Turkmen minorities. Although 60 percent of Mosul's population of 1.8 million is Sunni, three-quarters of the provincial government is Kurdish, and the Arabs suspect the Kurds of wanting to take over the city."

Po' paranoid conservatives -- They see enemies everywhere! Yikes! Oh! Eeeeeek! Wouldn't it be smarter to put them on meds rather than putting their kind in office?

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