Saturday, January 26, 2008

Backpeddling in Florida

I have to admit that I really don't like Florida Senator Bill Nelson. He has run for almost every statewide office in Florida; he flew on the space shuttle to keep funding for this program alive even after safety managers thought it should die; and, recently, he voted to secure telecom retroactive immunity. To me, he is a despised Democrat; yet, he is a Democrat.

Apparently, on Tuesday - hey, way to put yourself out there - Nelson will endorse Hillary Clinton. Nothing new with her huge lead in the polls. I think this is a typical "Nelson" move.

On Friday, Mel Martinez announced for McCain, clearly waiting until the last moment for his candidate. It's sad that I see Nelson's endorsement as no different. Say what you will, waiting until a few weekend days before an election - when all the polling data is in - is spineless.

That said, I expect no less from RNC Mel and NASA Bill.

Please, if nothing else comes of this election cycle, please, please, please - save Florida from these worthless politicians in the Senate and send us someone closer to Bob Graham.