Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Barack Obama -- The New Ronald Reagan?

A few hours after Hillary claimed the mantle of candidate who would be a "hands on" manager reminiscent of Jimmy Carter, TPM reports that Barack Obama has given an interview saying that "Ronald Reagan fundamentally changed the direction of America in a way Bill Clinton didn't." Essentially Obama argues that Reagan, a President never accused of being "hands on," was able to fundamentally change America's direction because Reagan understood that America was ready for real change.

This is a very interesting bit of political judo. Hillary thinks Barack has made a misstep, she launches an attack, Barack side steps and suddenly she looks like the candidate of the status quo and he is the messenger of change. She is the heir to Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton, and he is a bringer of change like Ronald Reagan. Amazing stuff.

A brief clip can be found after the jump.