Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bruce Lunsford is Mitch McConnell's Dream Opponent

New Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear's all-but-endorsement of Criminal and Democratic Traitor Bruce Lunsford for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat has Democratic heads exploding all over the Commonwealth.

Bruce Lunsford is by all accounts a personable guy. I met him once, and the Mark of the Beast is barely visible.

But here's why all true Democrats curse his name.

Lunsford made his millions with a Louisville health care company called Vencor. He touted it as the next Humana, and drew thousands of small investors from all over Kentucky eager to invest in a local boy done well. But Vencor was less Humana than Enron.

When expectations outgrew revenues, Lunsford starting throwing old, sick, poor people out of his nursing homes to make room for rich old people who could pay more. When that didn't work, he pulled out the remaining cash and left the empty shell for creditors to fight over. Thousands of middle-class Kentucky investors lost millions.

Lunsford skated away from the disaster he'd created, and turned his attention to politics.

As I wrote back in April, when Lunsford was running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary: (Just substitute "McConnell" for "Fletcher.")

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It's a close call as to which is more important: defeating Fletcher, or defeating Lunsford.

Lunsford’s a multi-millionaire (he sank $8 million into his 2003 primary run before quitting), supposedly willing to put his personal fortune into the general election. That’s why some seriously deluded/desperate Democrats are claiming he has the best chance to beat Fletcher.

Bruce Lunsford made his millions off the backs of two groups: the poor, sick old people he threw out of his nursing homes to make room for richer patients, and the poor, trusting Kentucky families who lost their life savings investing in Lunsford’s company before he bankrupted it.

His vicious ads attacking State Attorney General Ben Chandler in the 2003 gubernatorial primary fatally wounded Chandler in the general election, especially after Lunsford dropped out of the primary and endorsed Ernie Fletcher.

Read that again, slowly: A Democratic primary candidate endorsed the Republican primary winner. After promising to support the Democratic primary winner.

Ernie won, and gave Lunsford a nice job. Since 1995, Lunsford has given more than $40,000 to Republican candidates, and less than $12,000 to Democratic candidates.

Now he wants to be the Democratic nominee.

Ernie Fletcher has been one of the worst governors in Kentucky history. Cleaning up the mess he’s created will take years if not decades and billions of dollars Kentucky doesn’t have. We can’t afford another four months, never mind another four years of Ernie Fletcher.

But a lot of Democrats will be voting for Fletcher – if Bruce Lunsford gets the nomination.

Wait - it gets worse! PageOneKentucky predicts that Lunsford's staff will fail to protect Bruce from the attacks stemming from his past, even if they manage to avoid a Federal Elections Commission complaint about illegal financing. Page One also has a great list of links to the low-down on Lunsford.

So, Kentucky, how bout it? Interested in allowing Bruce to buy this election? Is Bruce ready for everything to hit the fan?

Stick with us throughout 2008 as we delve into the world of Bruce Lunsford. It’s not pretty.

Get ready for it. This isn’t 2003. Or 2007. It’s 2008 and the entire Democratic Party is out to get him.

But only if MediaCzeck doesn't get him first.

Hear that scraping noise? That's the sound of KY Labor sharpening their knives in preparation of Bruce Lunsford announcing his candidacy for Senate.

And Gov. Beshear? Don't think encouraging him to run won't make your life absolutely miserable... labor has a long memory and would not hesitate to make the safe little bubble you've built evaporate.

The "unity" moment that Democrats shared last year, singing cumbaya by the campfire as we roasted Republican weenies? If Beshear convinces Lunsford to run, expect an absolute bloodbath among Kentucky Democrats this year.

Click the link for videos of Bruce with his BFFs Ernie and Mitch, and a sample of the anti-Lunsford attack ads Mitch probably already has in the can.

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