Monday, January 14, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 14, 2007

Today's Campaign Video is the portion of Hillary Clinton's interview on Meet The Press defending Bill Clinton's "fairy tale" comment. Hillary has put the video up on her Youtube site. Essentially, Bill and Hill are calling Obama a "flip flop flipper." Their attack starts with the assumption that Obama is a one issue anti-war candidate and then takes out of focus snapshots of Obama's votes and comments over a period of years to draw the conclusion that Obama hasn't been consistent in his opposition to the war. Of course, the votes she introduces in support of her argument are votes to fund the soldiers in combat, votes no responsible public official could oppose. The comments she points to were made in connection with the 2004 presidential campaign and Obama's support of John Kerry--comments are completely consistent with being a good Democrat. Not surprisingly her own comments and votes during the same period are remarkably similar to Obama's.

The heart of Hillary's attack, however, is the claim that Obama is a one trick pony. In Hillary's opinion Obama's entire campaign is based on one anti-war speech given years ago. That is news to me and to millions of folks who are really impressed with his message of change.

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