Thursday, January 17, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 17, 2008

On Monday Barack Obama was interviewed by the Reno Gazette-Journal's editorial board. Unlike most editorial board meetings this one was recorded. The full interview, "Afternoon With Barack Obama", is 49 minutes. Watching it is time well spent.

Obama is a very thoughtful candidate. About 13 minutes in Barack tells why he thinks Hillary failed with health care during Bill's administration and why he thinks he has a better chance of success. His secret--C-Span. When you listen to his breakdown of Hillary Care's failure you realize that he might be on to something. At least it's worth a try. All in all Obama's depth of knowledge of the problems facing America is impressive. His approach to change is really different from the approaches advanced by either John Edwards or Hillary Clinton.

After the jump you will find a five minute excerpt from the interview starting at about the 17 minute mark. If you are a real political junkie you will pop some popcorn and watch the full 49 minutes. Yes, you are right, yesterday's little clip evoking Ronald Reagan is from this interview. Today's clip was posted to Youtube by jakeb1125

If you encounter a video in need of broader play, please email the link to subject: Campaign Video of the Day. I am looking for similar in depth interviews with the other candidates.

There is a really good clip after the jump. You owe it to yourself to watch.