Monday, January 28, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 28, 2008

The battle between Obama and Clinton has become heated among loyal Democrats. Surrogates for both camps are spinning like crazy. Bill Clinton in particular is trying to convince us that Obama is an unelectable "black" candidate. Josh Marshall's headline for the last 13 hours has been Bill's Shark-Jumping Gambit. Kevin Drum at Political Animal has focused almost exclusively on the horse race since Saturday. Most of the talk centers on Obama and whether he is a good enough candidate. This battle between Obama and Clinton supporters has grown so intense that grumpy emails have been exchanged by regular contributors here at WTWC. Good Democrats have threatened to stop writing with other good Democrats.

Kevin Drum generated a lot of comments with a post titled OBAMA vs. CLINTON quoting extensively from an email he received from a reader named MDS who charges that Obama isn't a very good campaigner. Last night shortly before midnight I read a comment to that post that pulled me up short. The comment was directed at Kevin but I think it applies to a lot of us.


You are addicted to the horse race and need to get into rehab ASAP.

This is one post too many on "electability."

The argument that Obama can't campaign is absurd on its face, but what is far more troubling is the creeping sense of defeatism/self-fulfilling prophecy that is growing like a cancer in both the Clinton and Obama camps.

If candidate X wins, and McCain is the GOP nominee then we can kiss the presidency goodbye.

How pathetic.

Almost makes me want to vote for McCain.

Then I remember the SCOTUS.

Come on people. We should be excited at the enthusiasm shown by Democratic voters in ALL of the primaries.

Are we really going to take our toys and go home if our favored candidates don't win the nomination this time around? . . .

What other proof does one need that voting is far from a rational process?

At least let's change the subject to who will win the Superbowl.
Posted by: lobbygow on January 27, 2008 at 11:20 PM.Emphasis added.
Today's campaign video is from ABC's This Week, January 27, 2008, and is entitled "Obama Responds to Bill Clinton's Jesse Jackson Comment." The video is illustrative of both the fascination the press has with the horse race and the classy way Obama is responding to the comments of his opponent's spouse.

After you watch the video, let us get back to the real business of restoring our Constitutional freedoms, reinvigorating American greatness and saving the world while restarting our economy. The horse race will play itself out in a few weeks. After that we are going to need all the Democrats and fair minded Independents and Republicans we can find. Yes, we are even going to need all the posters here at WTWC.

If you encounter a campaign video in need of broader play, please email a link to subject campaign video of the day.

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