Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 29, 2008

Yesterday the President gave what his people said was "probably" his last State of the Union Speech. It was a very sad backward looking speech. The American people have moved far past him and the old politics of division. As Manifesto Joe said below: To The Very Last, Chimpy Has No Class.

The State of the Union Speech is not today's campaign video because it was not the most important speech of the day. Yesterday the Lion of the Senate roared his endorsement of Barack Obama. You will find that roar after the break. Watch it and marvel at Senator Ted Kennedy's strength, patriotism and forward vision. Kennedy sees this as a time like the early 1960s when a young candidate was impatient to inspire us to our better angels, to dream big dreams for America, and to call us all to the service our country.

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What might be a historic campaign video can be found after the break.