Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cat Running For President

Kevin Drum and Blue Girl (among others) engage in something they call Friday Cat Blogging. We have only done it once when Kevin was on vacation. Since we got lots of comments I thought WTWC might try being a copycat. Anyway I talked it over with Smudge. I didn't know he could work the keyboard, but he has been watching. He referred me to this video. Apparently Smudge has been in contact with other cats and they are making some demands. One of them wants to run for President.

Is that you Smudge. Why are you looking at me like that. If you hadn't trashed the upholstery on a perfectly good sofa we wouldn't have cut your claws off.

Tonight's funny is called "Cat runs for President." I think it might have been posted to Youtube by some cat lover named RSJGaMeRPrO. I could be wrong. Based on what Smudge tells me it could have been posted by his cat. Smudge tells me I have to go now. Enjoy.

Oh, Blue Girl, Smudge tells me that Buddy finds his nickname "Impeachment" offensive. He told Smudge that he never voted for that Chaney guy.