Sunday, January 6, 2008

Energy & Environmental news you need to know before New Hampshire

Evangelicals are greening up.
Apparently, God has tasked the people to be stewards of the Earth. Who knew? Richard Cizik discusses the importance of the environment to evangelicals on YouTube last November. [Genesis 2:15] [h/t Ozark Politics]

Compare what they said...
The Grist Mill transcribes the Dem's Carbon policy from the ABC/Facebook/WMUR debate on Saturday. Do read this if nothing else.

...with what they meant to say
Then compare to what they reported on the Issues Questionnaire for POTUS when not under duress. Did they get it right?

I'll agree with Grist... in that Hillary best tied Greening Up... to the economy. In my line of work, we're always told... frame your message in the lines of 'how will this affect me?'. She did that very well... but more importantly, better than the others.

Finally, Obama gets a climate award (sort of)
DeSmogBlog trounced the O (will we see this instead of 'W'?) over a weak climate policy. Climate Progress says DeSmogBlog owes O three apologies. And 'clean-burning coal' (cough choke gag) from Illinois has something to do with it.