Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Person Account--Local Results

In our ward the count at the first division was:
Obama 21
Edwards 18
Hillary 13
Richardson 3
Biden 3
Undecided 4
All Others 0

At the second division the count was
Obama 29
Edwards 20
Hillary 13

This translated to a delegate count of Obama 5, Edwards 3, Hillary 2
Other wards meeting at our school came out like this:
Obama 4, Hillary 3, Edwards 1
Obama 5, Hillary 5, Edwards 1
A person from a fourth ward said that Hillary won theirs.

I'll write up more later, but let's just say that Henry was force.

Also: The Obama staffer receive a text from the campaign "Boiler Room" saying that Obama was ahead in all the polls and internals.