Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hans von Spakovsky...Buh-bye

From AJC's Political Insider, former Fulton County [GA] GOP chairman and DoJ voter suppression expert Hans von Spakovsky emailed his supporters on New Year's Eve to say good-bye:

“Today was my last official day as a Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission,” he wrote. “The Senate officially adjourned today without acting on my nomination… I wanted to thank everyone for their support over the past two years while I was going through this confirmation battle. All of the telephone calls, emails and notes I received from people were great encouragement for me.”
Von Spakovsky attached an endorsement by the Wall Street Journal, though he added that “it did not help in the end in convincing the Democrats to vote to confirm me.”
Didn't help? Boo-hoo-hoo. I wonder why? The Political Insider goes on to describe a tit-for-tat:
Democratic senators blocked von Spakovsky’s appointment, over concern about his tenure in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, where he sided with efforts of Georgia Republicans to require that voters present a photo ID.
Republican senators retaliated by blocking the appointments of two Democrats to the FEC.
But, the Repubs didn't give reasons for their usual obstructionism -- or I missed it because most of what they say is BS -- whereas, von Spakovsky’s efforts to suppress Georgia voters is a very good reason to stop his appointment. IOW, he's a jerk.

Buh-bye and good riddance, Hans. Don't let the door hit you in the...

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