Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heather Ryan Declares for Congress

Navy veteran and Mitch McConnell nemesis Heather Ryan has filed to run for Congress as a Democrat, challenging Ed Whitfield, R-KY 1.

Two weeks ago, Heather's 12-year-old daughter Heaven confronted U.S. Senate Minority Leader McConnell in downtown Paducah, KY, demanding to know why Mitch wants her active-duty Navy dad to die in Iraq.

Mitch ran away from the adorable but determined red-head, then retaliated by extorting the city of Paducah into firing Heaven's mother from her job as executive director of a non-profit independent theater.

Hillbilly has the video at BlueGrassRoots, and this to say:

It's a shame when a little girl tries to ask a US Senator about her father, and it results in her mother, a military veteran, losing her job. Now the child has two things to worry about, her mother and her father. Shame on you Senator Mitch McConnell!!!

If you've never heard of Congressman Ed Whitfield, don't feel bad; neither has anyone else. In his 13 years in Congress, he hasn't done one single blessed thing, as far as anyone can tell. Nobody seems to know what he looks like.

Here's the fun part: until Heather Ryan filed to run against Whitfield, Eddie-boy had no opposition.

Scratch that: until a 12-year-old-girl terrified the third-most-powerful Republican in the nation into grossly over-reacting to a simple question, republican Ed Whitfield was set to sail to re-election.

Now, Eddie-boy, who I daresay is barely known at the Republican National Committee, faces opposition from a woman who has already gotten national publicity for standing up to McConnell.

In a year when people are going to be voting for anybody and everybody with a D next to their names.

Well done, Mitch. Your diabolical plan to take over the country by destroying the Kentucky Republican Party appears to be ahead of schedule.

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