Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary Clinton -- Quick Study

Last night I opined that Hillary's media message was off putting because it was all about her and how she would take care of us. Obama's message was a call to all of us to act. Never let it be said that the Clintons don't learn from their mistakes.

Here is her final Iowa ad.

It is competent and professional. It is all about Hillary and what she is going to do as our President. She will be ready to start taking care of us on day one.

Now here is her final message to New Hampshire voters.

It is almost the same ad, except if pay close attention you will notice the change in pronouns. We can do good things together. The new money line is "we are not just changing Presidents, we are changing our county." This ad gives the impression that we can all pitch in to change America. She will be ready on day one to lead us in the work we all need to do.

Did this ad win the day for her? No, New Hampshire probably shifted because those folks were turned off by being told what to do by the media. Can this shift help her in future races. You bet it can.