Thursday, January 3, 2008

Impeach Cheney ad buy

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) of just sent out an appeal to contribute to blog advertising (see example at the left) and a Google ad buy for folks who search for Dick Cheney. He has already invested in advertising with the objective of expanding the effort over the next two weeks.

In his email update, he states:

It is time to reach beyond those that are regular readers of the political blogs, and expand the number of people mobilized to help push for impeachment hearings. The truth is that the number of Americans who support our efforts is immense and we need to do everything possible to reach out to them and maximize our strength.
When Congress reconvenes on January 15th I will deliver the hundreds of thousands of names we have collected to my colleagues on the Judiciary Committee and I will do everything I can do to convince them to support immediate impeachment hearings. I will also be entering all of the collected names into the Congressional Record and present them to the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
The mainstream media has not done enough to cover this effort but with your help we will force the issue into the national dialogue.
I can't argue with his reasoning especially the Google ad buy, which would "reach beyond" the Netroots. He has collected nearly 180,000 signatures at the time of this posting with a goal of 250,000 with less than two weeks left.

How many of us will contribute to Wexler's advertising push? I dunno. But if you're so inclined, click this link.

If you haven't signed the letter in support of Cheney impeachment hearings, sign here. And spread the word.

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