Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Other Florida News

I'll let the pundits continue the Rudy death watch in Florida as poll after poll puts Romney ahead. That's pretty stunning considering that Rudy was second only to Hillary in fundraising in Florida.

Meanwhile, we missed this. Romney's main man in the sunshine state, Tom Feeney, probably has the fight of his congressional career on this hands. His new opponent has revved up the fundraising machine and I may be living in Fantasyland come November.

For the third quarter, Feeney announced that he had raised the most money EVER in his career - $324,000. Rumor has it that he raised only half that in the last quarter.

Last week, we got the news that Suzanne Kosmas broke Feeney's own record in the last quarter by raising over $350,000. This, when she only entered the race in October.

We can hope.

As an aside, the Republican plot to disenfranchise Democratic voters by moving up the primary so Florida was stripped of its delegates by the DNC appears to have failed.

In Orange County, 45 percent of early voters so far are Democrats and 42 percent are Republican. ...

For absentee votes, 46 percent are from Democrats, 44 percent from Republicans.

Even in Florida, there are times those dirty tricks don't work.