Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe Rudy’s not quite so out of it, after all

Early voting in Florida began Jan. 14, before Giuliani’s campaign was totally in the crapper instead of just halfway there, for example. California's also had early voting since mid-January.

From the point of wanting more GOP schadenfreude, we can only hope.

Ideally, Rudy will win Florida, while going nearly broke and throw the GOP race into more turmoil, followed by Huckabee winning all the Southern states in Super Tuesday, McCain losing New York to a resurgent but totally broke Rudy, the Schmuck Talk Express™ winning New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while Romney picks up a bunch of seconds and delegates, and maybe wins a state here and there.

Anyway, even though Thompson dropped out one state too late for Huckabee, he isn’t folding yet, you know that. He can win enough states to hang tough.

With most GOP contests being winner-take-all, “spoiler” is the only role left for Ron Paul, though.