Friday, January 11, 2008

McCain's Secret Weapon? It Is Too Laugh.

I had to laugh when I saw this post on John McCain's Unheralded Allies at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, so I went to the original post which had this to say:

Team McCain already has a good chunk of "the right people" in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, California, Ohio, Maine etc.


But the best news for McCain? These folks know how to use the political machinery in their state to help Senator McCain get elected.

Maybe these folks haven't forgotten McCain, but I'm sure here's one Floridian who was a "chunk of the right people" he wishes we would forget (not likely).

Now that he's been found guilty, named a Golden Duke Award winner for Best Scandal - Local Venue (no small feat this year), maybe Bob Allen can stage a comeback and bring St. John the white, male, gay, in-the-closet voter who's afraid of black men.

With time out because he's not running for re-election, the weather's nice enough that passing out flyers in park bathrooms could be a win-win.