Sunday, January 20, 2008

One year to go...

This is it folks! The last year is upon us! You can almost feel a sizzle in the air. Congress apparently won't impeach the bastards, even though they will all skate on pardons if they don't, but the end of an error is upon us anyway.

Pale Rider had some good advice at my place:

Hey - it's only a year away.

Hold on to something. Get yourself a wubby. Practice yoga. Breathe.

Hang in there, ya'll.

Good advice - what we want and what we are likely to get are two different things. So do what you can/must to get through the next year.

Me? I am turning back the clock to my college years...

[Video of a mediocre 80's hair band wailing a power-ballad below the fold...]

This song popped into my head at midnight...And what the hell? I just can't resist the opportunity to remember how cute I looked in spike-heeled ankle boots, leggings, a short crinoline skirt and a black leather jacket.


It was the 80's...

And it was Halloween.

At Kirby's Beer Store.

'Nuff Said.

(For the record: Every generation dresses atrociously. Don't make me bring up leisure suits and polyester disco shirts...I'll do it...I swear...)

Now shut up and enjoy a mediocre 80's hair band already.