Saturday, January 19, 2008

Schweitzer tells Homeland Security to eff itself on Real ID

The Montana governor says his state will neither try to comply with nor seek an extension to get in compliance with the federal ID law and a teen apparently being framed for allegedly taking part.

He’s asking other resistant states to join him, and already has an alternative to Real ID in mind:

Schweitzer wants Congress to step up and pass alternative legislation that would stop Real ID and re-instate a commission that was working on driver's license rules before the REAL ID Act was slipped into must-pass defense legislation in 2005. …

Schweitzer's letter went out to the governors of Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington.

Unfortunately, allegedly conservative Texas is not among the rebel states. Gov. Rick Perry’s probably getting more money from Bracewell, Giuliani to accept it.

Meanwhile, DHS excuses on the need for Real ID claim it will help in the fight against meth dealers buying pseudoephedrine and even help in the crackdown on teen smoking.