Sunday, January 6, 2008

We’re No. 1, even vs. all the world combined!

In military spending, that is.

To me, this is another reason I’m inclined not to vote Democratic, rather than Green again this year. What should be another important political issue, especially with military contractors for support services and contractors mercenaries for combat-area security, plus the whole, 45-year-old issue of the military-industrial complex, isn’t on Democrats’ radar screens any more than Republicans’.

And, no, you can’t pass this all off as the U.S.’s high per-capita income. That’s offset by the massive population of countries such as China and India. Hell, the EU plus Japan has twice our population, and a per capita income in the same ballpark, and the defense spending difference is astronomical. That combination of countries is spending only about $250 billion, compared to our $623 billion.