Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Yard Sign War

I'm not usually one to put much stock in observing the yard sign battles. But on the way to the baby sitter with the kids this morning I saw three new John Edwards signs. Not a big deal? They were in the yards of the chair and secretary of the county party and one other prominent Democrat. Edwards had a solid organization. With this group working the caucus, he is likely to be viable.

Which reminds me of something else. We keep reading about how a candidate needs 15% to be viable in a given precinct; but he or she may need much more. Four years ago, Howard Dean had 20 supporters in our caucus. But we had a surprise turnout of 100 people and only four delegates to choose. So he needed to have 25% in order to be viable. They could have joined with the 7 or 8 Gephart supporters to choose an undecided delegate but instead almost everyone filtered into the Kerry and Edwards groups.

By the way, Hillary has had a hand full of signs in town for several weeks. Then a few Obama signs showed up before his second visit a couple of weeks ago.