Saturday, February 16, 2008

At the (Beginning) of the Day

Yeah, I slacked off, there were no "At the End of the Day" posts the past two evenings. Strannix has a new girlfriend. This was Valentine's Weekend. If I must say more, then Strannix weeps for you.

There's a new option (maybe a compromise?) in the works when it comes to Florida's controversial science standards.

The Florida Department of Education is working up a second option for the State Board of Education to consider that would insert the phrase "the scientific theory of" before the word evolution and in other "appropriate places throughout the standards," according to Tom Butler, department spokesman.

The phrase would also appear in front of Big Bang and and plate tectonics, for example.

This is in response to "the input we've received from the public," he said.
(Calm down, Sunshine Staters: I reserve the right that rag on all states, at any given moment; I just hadn't had the chance to use the word "wang" in a post for much too long).
"At a minimum, a head of state should have a head," Putin said.

Snap! Whaddaya call "the dozens" in Russian?
  • Some days, it just ain't worth chewing through the restraints.
A popular video on YouTube shows Kellie Pickler, the adorable platinum blonde from “American Idol,” appearing on the Fox game show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” during celebrity week. Selected from a third-grade geography curriculum, the $25,000 question asked: “Budapest is the capital of what European country?”

Ms. Pickler threw up both hands and looked at the large blackboard perplexed. “I thought Europe was a country,” she said. Playing it safe, she chose to copy the answer offered by one of the genuine fifth graders: Hungary. “Hungry?” she said, eyes widening in disbelief. “That’s a country? I’ve heard of Turkey. But Hungry? I’ve never heard of it.”
President Bush on Wednesday signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, calling it a "booster shot" for the American economy.

The government hopes the measure, which will send most Americans tax rebate checks by May, will either prevent a recession or make one relatively brief.
My last booster shot gave me a hella rash. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the hookers. I'm out.