Friday, February 1, 2008

Breaking News - Florida WILL Vote on Gay Marriage Amendment

After most of us thought it dead (and good riddance), I was shocked tonight to find that a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriages had risen like a dark phoenix from the ashes where it should have been destroyed.

Just two weeks ago, Floridians felt safe that we would not be engaging in the hate-mongering toward gays that we often participate in toward hispanic minorities. We've been shocked to our senses this evening.

In Florida, I've never seen the vehemence toward gays that we daily see in more traditional geographic areas.. After all, we have Disney World, one of the nation's premier employers recognizing the rights of domestic partners. We have Gay Days.

Central Florida has always been accepting and welcoming toward same-sex relationships. That's why this ballot amendment vote really mystifies me. There is not great hate about this in South or Central Florida.

North and Panhandle Florida are so lowly populated compared to these that it blows my mind this could actually have gained enough signatures to be on the ballot in November. I'm doubtful the signatures over the last two weeks could really be valid.

The very best thing I can say about this is I don't think it will get the votes needed to make it a part of the state's constitution. In Florida, we require a super majority of 60% to amend the Constituion.

I'm hopeful that can't happen with the environment we have here. But, hey. I didn't think they'd get the signatures either.