Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bush clueless in Africa, Clinton in Texas

Head of Darkness: Bush visits Africa

With apologies to Joseph Conrad, how else to describe Bush’s visit to Africa? The man’s stubborn willfulness or self-deceptive cluelessness, whichever it is, leads him to inane statements such as claiming no African rivalry with China:
“I don’t view Africa as zero sum for China and the United States. I think we can pursue agendas without creating a great sense of competition,” Bush said.

“Do I view China as a fierce competitor on the continent of Africa? No I don’t.”

And so, the debate on the cause of Bush’s failed presidency — is he more stupid, or more a liar — continues to get fuel on both sides.

Hillary Clinton STILL doesn’t get Texas primary issues

She apparently doesn’t get that delegates are apportioned on the basis of turnout in previous elections. She can go seeking her “firewall” Hispanic voters in the Valley all she wants; there’s no delegates there.

Oh, and when you hire former Grey Davis staff, namely, a former speechwriter, isn’t that another sign of cluelessness, desperation or both?