Thursday, February 21, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- February 21, 2008

I am sorry but the image of 71 year old John McCain rolling in the hay with an attractive woman lobbyist 30 years his junior makes we want to laugh. At the same time part of me fears for John's life. He could have a heart attack.

John, my friend, didn't your Admiral daddy warn you about gold diggers? Especially gold diggers wanting favors from your Senate committee?

The jokes just write themselves.

There is a rumor that big PHARMA helped fund the development of Viagra to assist its comely blond "lobbyists" seeking favors from old white guy Senators?

Maybe Pfizer should change Viagra's name to Big John?

Today's video is called Blueprint and is from the bright shinny new 527 supporting Hillary in Ohio. The American Leadership Project is the front group created by rich "friends of Hillary" who can't give any more to her campaign. This positive ad emphasizes her strengths. I anticipate that shortly the American Leadership Project or some similar cabal of fat cat DLC types will go negative on Obama. Fortunately he has millions of not so rich friends still able to give him more money under the cap. I think being able to defend 527 attacks is one reason Obama needs to think long and hard about taking public financing this fall.

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Campaign video after the break.

Pathetic geriatric sex and 527s all on the same day. How lucky can we be? At least we aren't going to have to listen to another day of contrived Michelle Obama stories.