Saturday, February 23, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- February 23, 2008

Today I am going to show a horror movie. This movie was produced by House Republicans. Its message is be afraid, be very afraid. If we don't give Telecoms immunity for their prior law breaking the terrorists win. The President of the United States, 68 Senators, the House Republican leadership and the GOP in general have concluded that stopping lawsuits aimed at discovering the extent of Bush administration lawlessness and willful disregard for the Constitution of the United States is more important than your safety. Instead of negotiating in good faith to reconcile the Senate bill the GOP has elected to make today's video.

The only thing the Bush administration has left is fear itself. Tragically fear was enough to convince 20 cowardly Democratic senators, including my own, to vote against the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. You can read the full Senate FISA bill here. You can see the list of Ayes and Nays here. If your Senator is on the list voting aye like the cowardly Claire McCaskill send him or her a letter. Remind your cowardly Senator that the Constitution is older than his or her pathetic career and if she isn't willing to defend it he or she can and will be voted out at the next election.

You might also want to send a message to Hillary. She took the vote off. Barack Obama took time from the campaign trail to vote against the FISA bill. Good for him.

I haven't heard how Claire justified her vote, but was probably along the lines of "the rule of law is for sissies" or "that dusty old Constitution is just a 'god damned piece of paper.'"

Finally, you can contact the House Democratic leadership. Tell them that you are proud that they are standing tall for the American Constitution. Tell them that you back them 100%. Tell them that they need to post their own video to Youtube explaining to the dunderheads why the Constitution and the rule of law are important. I am sure there are film makers out there (Michael Moore are you listening?) willing to make a video supporting Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the increasingly heroic Democratic House leadership in their defense of America's Constitution.

If you encounter a campaign video worthy of broader play please email the link to subject campaign video of the day.

Dishonest GOP horror propaganda video after the break.

Claire, explain yourself. We understand Republicans, most of them are Bush/Cheney followers like lobbyist loving John McCain, who have never met an American freedom they weren't willing to abrogate in their quest for fleeting wealth and personal power, but you are supposed to be made of better stuff. I voted for you because you told me you are a Democrat. For the love of God, explain why you were so willing to sell out America's Constitution so cheaply.