Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- February 26, 2008

Since we started Campaign Video of the Day months and months ago we have featured hundreds of campaign videos. Some funny, some informational, some from the campaigns, some from supporters, many inspiring. They have all reflected the energy of this most extraordinary campaign for President of the United States.

In this day of Youtube, when it is possible for anybody to talk back to the television by creating and distributing his or her own video, many talented people have created very good expressions of their personal displeasure with the tactics or message of one candidate or the other. Today's shame on you mashup from jedreport is one of those privately produced videos. Sharing videos like "shame on you mashup" is why Campaign Video of the Day was created, but I have to admit that as the final Democratic selection draws ever closer this feature is generating more heat than light.

It is funny but having watched so many videos over the last months I have warmed to both candidates. I have read Obama's books. I have watched him grow through the debates. I have watched his campaign work its miracles. The longer the campaign wears on the more I learn about him and how he might govern. On balance he seems likely Presidential material. He is articulate, flexible, intelligent, and clear eyed. Yes, he is more organized than he wants people to believe. He knows how to lead.

I have also warmed to Hillary. Through the 23 debates I have learned that she is a leader, and that she is passionate about America. She clearly has all the characteristics to be a successful President. She is intelligent. She is experienced. She is ready.

At the beginning of the campaign my wife was a very strong Hillary supporter. Last night on the way home from the office, she confided that she has cooled to Hillary's candidacy over the last few weeks, not because of Hillary, but because of her concerns about Bill. Bill's South Carolina moment has raised doubts about Hillary's ability to keep him under control. It might be unfair to Hillary, but my wife has concluded we don't need a co-presidency, and Bill could get in the way. My wife still supports Hillary, but not Billary. Since we can't get one without the other, she has been looking hard at Obama. Similar conversations seem to have been taking place all across America.

Americans are happy to have two historic candidates, but when it comes right down to it Americans know they are choosing a President. That Obama is a black man and Hillary is a woman are irrelevant. They just happen to be the two best candidates available this time. Since everyone believes America desperately needs to change direction, and the Democratic candidate is most likely going to win, the Obama and Clinton decision is being taken very seriously by all Americans.

As the campaign races to a conclusion the candidates have worked harder to knock their opponent down. Hillary is more experienced than Barack, and in the area of sharp elbows her experience shows. Over the last days she has given Obama a few shots. Politics is not bean bags, so some of her shots have been a little unfair. Some have been BS. Her back is up against it, so throw the shot and see if it lands seems to be the current Clinton campaign motto.

We are close to the end of both this primary season and this feature. Once there is a primary conclusion we will go on to other subjects at least until the general election campaign begins. In the meantime if you find a good video please email the link to proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject Campaign Video of the Day.

Campaign Video after the break.