Friday, February 15, 2008


Blue Girl has a Friday Night Music Video over at her place. Just to tweak her I am going to post the best music video I have seen and heard in a long while. I am going to post it on the front page, because I am FIRED UP, READY TO GO. The liner notes and credits are below the fold. Consider this a special treat.

Produced and posted to youtube by BergevinBrothers Here is the story of this song.

"Why Obama?" Three brothers share their story. Joe Bergevin watched Senator Barack Obama tell a story about one person, Edith Childs, who energized others with a "fired up, ready to go," chant at one of his campaign stops. Inspired by Obama's "One voice can change the world" speech, Joe wrote some lyrics and rough chords then called his brother Jon to help him compose and arrange the song. They named it after Edith's chant. After many phone calls, emails, and sleepless nights, they had assembled the team. Ten days later an epic recording was born with the intention of spreading Obama's hopeful message. Contributors include lead singer Reverend Pat Wright and her renowned Total Experience Gospel Choir, drummer Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam, lead singer Jake Bergevin, other top studio musicians, sound engineers, video teams, photographers, caterers, local news teams and a renovated theater with recording studio. From the first word written to the last note performed, this entirely donated and collective effort demonstrates Senator Obama's unifying message and Americans' desire to act on it. We were in awe of how freely people said, "Yes!" to this project. His words "For that is our unyielding faith-that in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country, can change it" demonstrate that great leaders motivate others. Barack is a great leader.

"I would have never imagined participating in an event like this, suddenly having a bunch of people come together on behalf of a political candidate; contributing immediately, so fully and unconditionally," said Stephan Schier, one of the project contributors.

Edith Childs said in the Greenwood Index Journal "I just had no idea that something done spontaneously would go this far -- in a good way," Childs said. "But as far as the song, I think it's cool. And I'm going to go online and see the (music) video when it comes out. But look, I did (the chant) in June, and I had no idea this is where we'd be on January 25."

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Featuring the following artists:

Composition: Bergevin Brothers Music - Lyrics and Music (Joe), Music and Arragement (Jon)

The Band:
Jon Bergevin - Piano, Musical Direction
Osama Afifi - Electric Bass
Matt Cameron - Drums (Pearl Jam)
Arturo Rodriguez - Latin Percussion
Frank Seeberger - Electric Guitar
Jessica Howard - Tambourine

The Singers:
Pastor Pat Wright - Lead Vocals and Choir Direction
Jake Bergevin - Lead Vocals
Grady A. Austin - Spoken Vocal and assistant choir direction
The Total Experience Gospel Choir

Sound Engineering:
Chip Butters - Sound Engineering
Mark Yeend -- Sound Engineering

Neill Barham - Director and Editor
Paul Killebrew - Producer
Tony Tibbetts - Jib Arm Camera & Technical Advisor
Sean Orr -- Camera

Stephan Schier (less