Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hillary 4 U N Me 2, 2! Part 1: The Music

Sometimes I think I am in a personal conversation with Lee Stranahan, a conversation in which I am at a decided disadvantage because I have absolutely no talent. Lee, on the other hand, is immensely talented, possesses a keen sense of humor and has all those wonderful film making toys. This morning I droned on about the community of exceptional volunteer artists, filmmakers and musicians who have done so much to spread the Obama message and to make my life a little easier. This afternoon Lee gently reminds me that Hillary has her own "stable" of musicians.

Before you watch tonight's funny you really need to take a peak at Hillary's own music video Hillary4U&Me. I didn't mention it this morning because, well, it reminds me a 1960s group called "Up With People" except Hillary's current group isn't nearly as edgy. You know there is something wrong with a video when Youtube has disabled comments.

Tonight's funny is Lee's latest Hillary 4 U N Me 2, 2! Part 1: The Music. Don't watch it if you haven't watched the original "Hillary 4U&Me." I have posted both after the break. Having watched the original a few times, I stand by my original observation, Barack has attracted a lot of amazing talented volunteer artists, musicians and filmmakers. Hillary, on the other hand, would be well advised to buy a stable for her volunteers.

Videos after the break.

First, Hillary 4 U&Me

Now Lee Stranahan's take. Hillary 4 U N Me 2,2!:The Music