Friday, February 8, 2008

Jeb Endorses McCain

Way to put yourself out there Jeb.

Ten days after the Florida primary, Jeb decides that he is supporting McCain. Any big press announcement? Hell, no. Just an email after he wrote a check to the McCain campaign:

"Yes. I support him," Bush wrote in an e-mail to the Sentinel this afternoon, after blog reports that he had written a check to McCain began surfacing.
This may be a first. Jeb has been steadfastly quiet on much of brother W's policies. Now, however, he appears to be jumping on the same bandwagon that big Brother is on:
"We have had good debates, and soon we will have a nominee who will carry the conservative banner into this election and beyond," Bush said.

Bush's address highlighted his conservative credentials in similar language to that McCain used when he spoke to the same group Thursday.
I think this is code for McCain is no longer a maverick, he's a Bushite. I really hope the MSM picks this up for what it is: More of the same.