Friday, February 1, 2008

Monday's FISA Showdown

TPM is reporting that the FISA bill and its amendments are scheduled for votes on Monday. Apparently the Senators have agreed to up or down votes on all of the amendments including the Dodd/Feingold amendment stripping telecom immunity from the FISA update and the Specter/Whitehouse alternative that would substitute the telecoms with the US Government. Either way Americans would get a chance to discover just how widespread the administration's abuse of our Constitutional right to be safe from warrantless searches extends. Of course, pure immunity would deny us any chance to find out just how badly the Constitution has been abused.

Why Monday? How about the fact that Tuesday is "Super Tuesday" and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Old "Straight Talk Express" John McCain will be campaigning all across America. The Senate votes are going to be tight. Supporters of the various amendments are going to need every vote they can round up. The two to one campaign trail excuse would seem to guarantee a "victory" for our Republican big brothers over American liberty. Thanks a lot, Harry. Thanks a lot.

After the break is Keith Olbermann's special comment on FISA. Give it a look and be afraid. Be very afraid.

If you can pull yourself away from cat blogging or your Super Bowl party preparations you might want to send a message to your Senator. Tell him or her that you value your freedoms and you don't want the administration looking at your personal emails or listening to your private phone calls without first showing that you may have committed a crime.

Special Comment after the break.