Saturday, February 2, 2008

On the coffee table — ‘Face to Face’

“Face to Face” is Kishline’s “co-autobiography” with Sheryl Maloy, the estranged wife and mother to the two people Kishline killed in her DWI accident in 2000.

Unfortunately, beneath what appear to be a number of post-accident improvements in honesty, at least honesty with others, Kishline has plenty of rationalizations, or even self-lies, in this book.

Whether or not one wants to label oneself as "alcoholic," one's behavior as "alcoholic drinking," or use similar terminology, she won’t do that, even though she continues to drink regularly, get drunk at times, and even admit that she uses alcohol as an emotional crutch.

In the hopper, David Mendell's bio of Obama and "Complicity," which details just how much the North, as well as the South, profited from slavery.

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