Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Power Outage Update with Supervisor of Elections

I just got off the phone with the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections, Republican Fred Galey, to see how the power outage was affecting voting and to inquire whether the polls would be staying open longer.

He indicated that there were no delays in voting, that everyone who showed up had their vote counted. Because of that, he informed me that polling hours would not be extended.

I asked the obvious question: what about people who are stuck in the gridlock of traffic. He assured me there was no gridlock. I've checked the major roadways in Brevard county and there are traffic lights out with the 4-way stop rule in effect. That mean's a lot of traffic and delays but I guess that's not gridlock.

Mr. Galey indicated that he didn't have the authority to extend polling hours even though he was concerned about everyone who wanted to vote being able to. He said that only the governor could do that.

So, this is a special election where turnout is even more critical to the outcome and the course of action seemed pretty clear to me.

I asked, "But, you could ask the Governor to extend the hours - correct?" Silence.

Again I asked, "Correct?" Silence.

"Mr. Galey, you could ask - correct? "

His reply: "You just go ahead and write your political blog." Click.

I tried to contact the major candidates but, you guessed it, their phones are down. Any "get out the vote" effort is off just like the power.

An attempt to deliberately suppress the vote in this election, I don't know. A Republican F- You to voters - no doubt about it.

UPDATE 1 - Power up after about 3 hours out.