Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At the End of the Day

The kids know when you're fighting, you know There is no love lost between John McCain and Dick Cheney, and everyone knows it - but that would escape anyone who was looking solely at their travel schedules this week. Both of the warmongering bastids took off for Iraq as fast as our tax dollars could wing them there after the Man-God Petraeus of the rank of General got all realistic on 'em last week.

It's times like this I'm glad I have nothing to lose I mean, unless the Government goes bust. We just always kinda looked at Savings Bonds the way people in corporate America look at stock options- what we had to invest we invested where we worked, ya know? I am a total econ illiterate, and as we had no avenue to high finance in our career fields anyway, I called my friend and high school classmate who handles our families banking business in a farming town of about 400 in rural Missouri and asked her what it all meant. She put it in terms I could understand - "No bank wants to advance any other bank even enough money to buy a postage stamp because nobody knows what the other guy is hiding." Tell me again how that self-regulating free market is workin' out for ya?

Some of you might be aware that there was a basketball tournament in my neighborhood recently...K.U. won the Big 12, and now they are the number one seed in the midwest division on the NCAA bracket. March Madness gets underway on the 20th, and maybe, if I'm asked nicely, I'll share the story about relaying the play-by-play of the final game in 1983 to a Titan II missile silo - crew, maintenance, everybody - the teevee died in the control center of the missile hubby was bringing back on line.

And ya know, that's all I got tonight.

It's already been a hell of a week...