Friday, March 7, 2008

The cluelessness of Nancy Pelosi — John Hagee edition

Like my semi-regular “Irony Alert” and “Hypocrisy Alert” posts at my personal blog, the cluelessness of our Speaker of the House, if not of politicians in general could turn into a regular blog feature here.

Today’s installment? After calling for John McCain to reject the endorsement of bigoted “evangelist” (spreading the gospel of hate? Armageddon? Anti-Catholic, to be sure) John Hagee, our nation’s beloved dimwitted Speaker had to be reminded McCain solicited Hagee’s endorsement. A blogger on a blog conference call had to remind her of that.

But, wait, it gets better.

As TPM notes, AFTER she was reminded of this, she STILL (sorry, have to use caps plus bold for stupidity of this level) uttered this gem:

“I can’t imagine that he wouldn't reject it.”