Saturday, March 8, 2008

God and Man at Yale Part II – the Blair Years

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will teach religion at the American university.

You political Calvinists will surely ponder whether Blair supports supra-lapdog-arianism or infra-lapdog-arianism as to exactly how he was predestined to be damned by following the God-man George W. Bush.

He will actually teach a course on faith and globalization. Great. A neoliberal of sorts teaching religion as a product to be marketed like soap, lies in foreign affairs, etc. He will probably become more neoconnish in this, too, believing that religion, in a generic sense, can be marketed internationally, like democracy.

The flip side to this is on the flip side of the pond. Most of Britain will probably be glad to have him out of its collective hair. EU member states, assuming this means Blair is giving up his quixotic and ill-chanced drive to become the EU president, will certainly say good riddance to him.

Great. We’re the sacrificial lambs.