Thursday, March 13, 2008

It isn't about security or safety

By now you know that the House is not going to budge on immunity for telecoms, and Bush is having a hissy-fit and insisting the terrists are a-comin' and we need to immunize 'em to pertec the 'Murkan people, so he has to veto the bill if it clears the Senate, full of feckless Publicans and Bush-dog Democrats like the useless Claire McCaskill who roll over for him every chance they get.


Bush wants telecom immunity to protect his own ass.

He only puts up this kind of fight when it's his ass on the line. He doesn't give a fuck about yours, or anyone elses - he's a sociopath, he only cares about himself. (Remember he ignored the daily briefing that warned bin Laden was determined to strike in the US.)

We aren't in peril because the telecoms aren't immunized, and we weren't safer because they spied on us. That is just a stupid assertion to make. He wants immunity because if lawsuits go forward, the findings will be subject to discovery, and everyone will know just how far this criminal sonofabitch went, starting as soon as he took office. He wouldn't fight this hard for anything that wasn't in his own interest. He is afraid that we might correct a mistake of the past - we didn't incarcerate Nixon - and make an example of him for the next GOP fascist mother fucker who comes down the pike determined to usurp power, violate the Constitution and take it upon himself to decide what part of the law he would follow and what he would ignore.

He is scared shitless at the prospect of civil discovery leading to criminal charges. He hasn't been this scared since he learned that drug tests would be required for pilots.

Bush was determined that government would crawl in bed with business from the outset, while destroying from within all the systems that worked by appointing lackies, hacks and incompetent fuck-ups (Justice, FEMA, the DoD, the Foreign Service, the DoJ, the Forest Service, the CDC...)

There is a word in the dictionary that describes the merging of corporate and government interests. You can find it in the "F's"...

The telecoms were all too willing to go along and listen in on our calls and archive our emails for the NSA - and they started spying on us before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

So...tell me again how safe his surveillance programs make us, and this time, be specific, and show your work.