Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Wurlitzer Prize for Wingnuttery™ for the week of March 17-23

My goodness, but it's an embarrassment of riches this week! You could not swing Schrödinger's Cat without hitting a wingnut up side the head as they spouted apologia and excuses for the GOP candidate they all hated with a bitter vengeance a mere month ago.

There were so many pundits glossing over McCain's inability to distinguish the players in the middle east and dismissing the profound nature of such a categorically wrong assertion as insignificant since most Americans don't know either - that you could have greased up a slip-n-slide.

Never mind that "most Americans" are not running for president...

Never mind that seven years of staggering ignorance hasn't hurt us any, so what the hell? Four more years!

All over the Sunday Morning chat-shows the chattering classes were falling all over themselves to diminish the significance of a presidential nominee not knowinggrasping the fundamental differences that make an al Qaeda-Iran connection an infinite improbability.

On Press the Meat, you had Chuck Todd explaining to Punkinhead how the M$M was going to let him "get away with" such monumental ignorance, while admitting freely that a Democrat would be set upon and ripped apart; and on Fever-Swamp News Sunday, you had Brit Hume dismissing it as a "senior moment" like that is supposed to be comforting!

The right-wing noise machine that controls the corporate main-$tream media was ginned up from the outset and the ignoring of the facts got underway immediately. The meme was pushed relentlessly, and Kyra Phillips even pushed it in a Petraeus interview. To the General's credit, he corrected her on her attempt to further the disinformation campaign with the "Four-Star Seal of Approval."

So this week, the Wurlitzer Prize™ goes to every idiot in the Village™, for being a bunch of sycophantic suck-ups who refuse to do their jobs because the guy displaying the ignorance is their buddy.