Friday, April 4, 2008

Another wingnut congressman who needs to be unemployed

Wingnut North Carolina congressman Patrick McHenry knows what the lives of your loved ones in uniform are worth.

Twenty-five cents.

That is what "two-bit" means.

McHenry recently went on one of those idiotic taxpayer-funded congressional junkets to Iraq, you know the ones, the potentates blow in and disrupt important work so they can be treated to a dog-and-pony show and a couple of nights in one of Saddam's palaces.

Then he came back home and gave a speech in which he lied about a death occurring in the Green Zone while he was there (it didn't happen, he said it did. There was a rocket attack, but no one died.)

That is outrageous enough. But the really offensive thing this warmongering tool said was referring to the Soldier who wouldn't let him into the gym without credentials a "two bit security guard." Then he demanded to see the soldiers superior.

It did my heart good to read that the superior saw it the soldiers way and the wingnut warmonger was escorted back to his sleeping quarters.

McHenry’s gaffe occurred in his telling of a story about his recent two-day visit to Iraq. He said he was stopped by a military guard in the area known as the Green Zone, when he was going “to the gym” in the early morning hours on Easter after being unable to sleep.

The congressman belittled the sentry- referring to him as a “two-bit security guard”- for following his orders by not allowing him to enter the gym without “proper credentials,” according to McHenry’s own telling of the story to an audience of some 160 Republicans.Even after demanding to see the guard’s superiors, by McHenry’s own account, he still was refused entry into the gym and was told he had to return to his room, in a pool house at one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces in the Baghdad area. (emphasis added.)

Can we please start throwing some of this crap back at these idiots - and can the M$M get over painting these hypocritical bastards as the pro-troop party? They so obviously aren't.