Monday, April 28, 2008

An Interesting Experiment

Back at the Watching Those We Chose corporate compound, the IT department keeps track of the "Key Words" that users key in to the search engines to find our site. I've decided to try a little experiment to draw more peepers to the blog. Now, it's kind of devious so I don't want to anger any of our fellow travelers.

I have listed below the top ten Google searches most likely to be used by conservative keyboarders. I want to trick them into stumbling on to our site and boosting the traffic numbers. Here they are:

Clinton Lies
Obama Lies
Ann Coulter Nude
Global Warming Hoax
Perianal cyst treatment options
Fascist Godless Liberals
Hillary Nude
Hillary Nude -"Sir Edmund"
Basement Remodeling Parent's Home
How to Enlist to fight the War for Iraqi Freedom (OK, I'm just messing with you on that one)

I'll give you a report later on which of the above key words attracted the most hits.

Breaking...We've had our first hit! The guys in tech (I try not to learn their names, it makes them feel empowered) just notified me that at 9:20 cdt tonight our site was accessed from a google search for "Ann Coulter Nude". Alas, he found no pictures here. But godspeed in your searches my freekish friend. May you not find one of the pre-surgical photos.